Emeril Surprises Deserving Mom, Neonatal Nurse

VIDEO: Famed chef surprises one very deserving mom with a special meal.

For the families at New York Presbyterian's neonatal ICU, every day is a miracle. Everyone who works there a hero. And so to commemorate one of those workers, Emeril did a special edition of "Breakfast in Bed" by surprising a very deserving neonatal nurse.

Fabienne Hickland, a mother of three, was unsuspecting when Emeril showed up at her office door this morning on "Good Morning America."

"Because of how many countless people you have helped over the years, these little babies. I've got a little surprise for you over here," Emeril explained.

He led Hickland to a video tribute in her honor, where - surrounded by family and friends - she watched people she has helped thank her on camera.

But the surprises didn't stop there.

Maria Bedryk, the "GMA" operations producer who put together the segment, was also a featured mother.

Bedryk formed a close friendship with Hickland after giving birth to two premature twins. The two now fundraise together for March of Dimes as well as maintain a personal relationship.

"I am one of so many. My story wasn't as crazy as other's people's here, but with Mike being away, you were my husband," Bedryk told Hickland. "You were my mom, my best friend. My children's story can never be told without you."

Hickland was blown away by the tribute.

"It's amazing. For me it's always been being able to give it to other people," she said. "I never thought that people felt that way for me. I never wanted that per se, it was always joyous for me to do it and give it and love everybody."

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