Teen Solves Riddle to Uncover Surprise Birthday Trip to Broadway

VIDEO: Teen Gets Surprise Birthday Trip to New York

There's nothing better than a good birthday surprise, especially when that surprise is wrapped in a riddle.

In this video posted my mom Susan Zehren of Chester County, Pennsylvania, you can see her son, Nick, opening up his 16 th birthday present. He's clearly excited, but also a little confused by the puzzle laid out for him.

All the gift included was a lion stuffed animal, a toy train and an apple. His parents were definitely making him work for it, except for the minor clue they wrote in the birthday card, "Here's to no worries for the rest of your days."

"A pet, food and transportation?" Nick inquisitively asks in the video.

With a little coaxing, however, he finally realizes they're taking the train to the Big Apple to see "The Lion King" on Broadway.

And although Nick is thrilled about the generous gift, he seems most excited about getting to miss school that day.

"Yes, this is brilliant," he shouts in excitement. "This is amazing."

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