Baby on Board: Baby and Dad on Skateboard is Sheer Delight

VIDEO: Baby Nates faces while riding a skateboard with his daddy is sheer delight.

This adorable 9-month-old baby could be the next Tony Hawk.

Baby Nate's facial expressions as he rides along with his dad on a skateboard are the perfect example of sheer delight.

"My wife and I just decided to put him on the skateboard that day," the baby's father, Dan Gold, of Edmonton, Canada, told ABC News. "We first sat him on the skateboard and slowly rolled him while holding him. He did well with that and was very excited. So, I decided to grab the video camera and take a video of us skateboarding together! I figured it would be nice to get some family footage that we could show him in the future."

The irresistible video is going viral with more than 6,000 views in just two days.

And props to the baby's mom, too, for doing all the heavy pushing.

It's safe to say the world can't wait to see baby Nate's face when he can stand on that skateboard all by himself.

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