Celebrating Social Superstar Dads: Men Burning Up the Internet With Their Kids

Modern Family's Phil Dunphy knows that a cool dad is a digital dad. And he's got some serious competition from real-life social superstar dads showcasing the funny, the funky and the fleetingly magical moments of fatherhood. Let's take a look at the dads burning up the Internet with their wacky social skills impressing not only their kids, but fellow parents around the world.

"Lunchbox Dad" - Beau Coffrin

San Francisco Bay area

Lunchbox Dad, aka Beau Coffron, has become an Internet celebrity for his wacky kid-friendly lunches. He photographs his creative meals that are often designed into popular characters, shapes, animals and themes, along with the recipes showing other parents exactly how to make and enjoy them. Coffron told ABC News, "I get most of my inspiration from my kids. This project has really helped me to pay more attention to what they are watching, listening to, and reading."

PHOTOS: Lunchbox Dad Does 'Good Morning America'

"Eh Bee" - aka Andres


591,300 Vine followers

Father of two, Andres, has nearly 600,000 followers on Vine. His videos of singing with his children in the car, his daily struggles as a parent and even interacting with other famous social superstar dads, has gained him quite a bit of attention. As for his reasons for posting and sharing these seemingly simple yet hilarious moments, Andres explained, "Every time we laughed about it we figured maybe somebody out there is going laugh about it too, let's share it."

"Josh Darnit" - Josh Gaines

San Diego

1.3 million Vine followers

This fun-loving father of three has a whopping 1.3 million followers on Vine. His videos, he says, feature more sarcastic humor that mimics the darks truths in life, such as the fact that yes, he will one day get old, and yes, his kids make fun of him for it. "The stuff that does well is the low hanging fruit, the relatable stuff," Gaines told ABC News. He is also friends with fellow-featured dad above, Andres, as they've gotten to know each other through the Vine community. A few of the Vining dads even keep in touch in their own Facebook group. "We're in this boat together and most of the people that we've known our whole lives still don't understand what it's like to go through it," Gaines explained of the emerging Vine community.

"Saturday Morning Routine Dad" - Tony Serafini

Leominster, Massachusetts

339,400 Vine followers

This dad, Tony Serafini, has managed to sum up the typical Saturday morning routines of dads everywhere in just six short, hilarious seconds. Better known as Bottlerocket on Vine, Serafini's thousands of followers have come to love his videos of his weekend adventures with his two daughters, including trips to the toy store and scenes of the girls blasting top 40 hits while giggling and dancing in the background. Most of the time, Serafini puts on a grumpy face in the foreground - conveying how he's given up trying to keep the girls from jumping on the living room couches. "At first, I was trying to be sneaky about the videos, but then [the younger daughter] noticed and now she likes to do them," he told ABC News. "I add the grumpy face for a little bit of effect. I think that's what made it relatable to everybody. I'm just trying to have my coffee and check my email." The hilarious videos sure do demonstrate how their family dynamic works, which is probably easing the minds of many other daddies with daughters.

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