Like Father, Like Son: Adorable Moment Caught on Camera 20 Years Apart

VIDEO: A daughter sleeping with her dad had a shocking resemblance to a photo taken two decades ago.

It appears apples really don't fall far from the tree.

New mom Heather Carnrike posted the picture of their baby daughter, Ivy, cuddling with her husband, Nick, to Reddit yesterday.

"Since we've become parents, I've taken a ridiculous amount of pictures and several of them sleeping together because it's so precious," Carnrike, 25, of Duncanville, Texas, wrote to ABC News. "We've been together since I was 14 and he was 15 so it's been amazing to see what a great man and great father he's become."

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However, when Carnrike showed the heartwarming shot to her mother-in-law, her shocked reaction was not what Carnrike had expected.

It turns out her mother-in-law had taken virtually the exact same image more than 20 years ago of Nick as a baby cuddling with his father, Raul.

"The picture of Nick and his dad was taken 26 years ago," she explained. "Nick's mom actually sent Nick the picture first and he shared it with me. I was shocked!"

Carnrike assures that the recreated scene was totally unintentional and not staged in any way.

"This photo was not staged," she said. "They were napping as they usually do and I snapped a picture. The only thing that was changed in any way was that I cropped the picture so that it would be the same size as the other."

Even Carnrike can't believe the resemblance between the two photos, adding for her little girl's sake, "Let's just hope that Ivy can keep her beard under control!"

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