How to Spice Up Your School Space With Chic Locker Decor

VIDEO: Seventeen magazines Jasmine Snow offers hot tips on having the hottest locker in school.

It's almost time to head back to school, and your kids definitely want to hit the hallways in style with the hottest back-to-school trend popping up on everyone's Pinterest boards - locker décor.

They're not just a place to stash your books anymore, but rather, an opportunity to make a fashion statement that really personalizes your school space.

From going glam with a decorative chandelier inside your locker to going bright and bold with a disco ball, Seventeen magazine's senior fashion editor Jasmine Snow explains how to achieve each exciting look while staying organized.

"The most important thing to do when figuring out your locker is to maximize your space, figuring out how you're going to be organized to get in and out in between classes, get what you need and move on," Snow said on "Good Morning America" today.


"This is amazing," she explained. "I love that it has the chandelier here. Super easy, you just stick it on, it's magnetic, it has batteries and has a little light."

Another easy and sassy look is to add temporary wallpaper inside the normally drab space.

"This wallpaper is my favorite," Snow said. "It's the easiest way to customize you locker. It's just a big sticker. You just stick it on and it instantly brightens things up."


"This is the girl with a lot of personality," she said. "She's the one that has some friends around her locker, clearly she's having a little party every day with this awesome disco ball. Just stick it up at the top, it has batteries and a little party."

And what better way to keep organized than with magnetic stickers that provide additional storage?

"They're multipurpose because you can put little pictures in them, little notes, you can hang your keys, a necklace, whatever need, and then if you need to grab a pencil, a pen, no one wants to be that person that's constantly borrowing things," Snow added. "It's great. You have everything at your fingertips to go in, quickly grab it and get on to your next class."

Lockers can be "an extension of your personal space," she said. "There's so many boring desks and books, but this is a breath of fresh air and you can go in and personalize it."

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