Somalia: David Muir And How To Help

In Somalia, the Childrens Famine

ABC News anchor David Muir is just back from Somalia, where he reported on a “children’s famine.” Amidst a devastating drought and two decades of political instability, more than two million acutely malnourished children are now also facing a second wave of disaster; they are dying of easily preventable diseases that are ravaging their weakened bodies.

In Mogadishu, Muir witnessed an understaffed hospital and its overflowing measles ward. But he also visited a clinic run with the help of UNICEF, and met mothers who had made the journey through perilous streets to get their children vaccinated against the deadly disease.

ABC News is overwhelmed by the response of viewers. In just a few days, enough money was donated by our viewers to purchase the equivalent of over 172,000 doses of measles vaccine.

We’ve been hearing from our Million Moms members that they also want to help.

Check out this list from the page to learn about a few of the organizations working on the ground right now to save lives in Somalia, and around the horn of Africa. Or, donate to one of these projects on the Global Giving platform.




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