All We Need Is Love and Support

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Dec 13, 2011 6:46pm

My tips for raising a healthy baby are pretty simple, give them love and support.  I was very fortunate to have 2 very healthy and happy little babies.  I realize that this is not always the case and I do not take this for granted.   Sometimes when I go into their rooms to wake them up in the morning I take a second to be thankful that they are so healthy.  When we brought our first baby home, my husband and I were pretty clueless, but we just did what we felt was right.  If my husband ever had a question he would just google it, typically he already knew what the doctor was going to look for at the check up.   I think he was more interested in being educated about the growth of our baby than I was!

The doctor’s visits were always an exciting day.  To see how well she was growing and what new milestone she had reached.  Again, my husband was very interested in knowing where we were on the charts and what percentile our baby was in. Vaccinations were never really a question for us, we believe they are good for our children and we trusted our doctors.  Both of my kids were and are still being vaccinated and we have had no issues what so ever.  It makes me angry to here the statistics on how many baby’s die due to preventable diseases all because they were not vaccinated.  ”Almost 8 million children die each year before their 5th birthdays—that’s almost 21,000 children each day—from largely preventable causes.”  This number is shocking to me.

I am fortunate to be a Mom right now, when information is so readily available and literally just a click away.  I am also very fortunate to live in a place that health care is available to me and my family.  We live only 10 minutes from the nearest clinic, hospital and medical centers where we could be see immediately.  Not all Mothers are so lucky. Like I said, I believe raising a healthy baby anywhere takes just two simple things, love and support.  Every woman and child no matter where they live should be able to get the love and the support they need to celebrate their 5th Birthday.

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