Christine O’Donnell Disinvited Again from Tea Party Rally

Aug 31, 2011 2:26pm

The back and forth between Christine O’Donnell, Sarah Palin, and the tea party group putting on Saturday’s rally in Indianola, IA has resulted in O’Donnell  being disinvited…again.

Originally, O’Donnell was invited to speak Monday by Tea Party of America. On Tuesday the invitation was rescinded. By Tuesday evening, though, it was back on. O’Donnell tweeted that she “humbly re-accepted the re-invitation” to speak, according to her Twitter account. Now it is back off.

Tea Party of America Founder Ken Crow said he called Christine O’Donnell’s Chief of Staff Mark Moran earlier today to break the news that the Delaware tea party darling was not going to be speaking.

Crow said that Moran “understood that these things happen.”

“There’s not a lot that you can do about it. He wasn’t pleased about it, but it wasn’t the end of the world,” Crow told ABC News.

Crow has not heard back from the Palin team yet, but he hopes to have confirmation this afternoon that Palin will be in attendance Saturday.

“I hope the event can go on as it was originally scheduled. It will be a great event, a beautiful event, lots of people are coming, and I don’t want to see those people disappointed,” Crow said.

When asked if Gov. Palin’s people asked that O’Donnell be disinvited again before Palin re-confirmed her attendance, Crow answered, “That is private (information) between O’Donnell’s staff and the Tea Party of America.”

Earlier today, multiple media outlets reported that Palin’s event was on hold, but Crow told ABC News Wednesday morning that “we made mistakes and now we are fixing them.” It seems that the back and forth with O’Donnell is one of the things the Tea Party of America had to fix before the event could go on as scheduled.

Crow admitted earlier today that the back and forth with O’Donnell was “a mistake.”

“I didn’t handle it the way I should have,” he said. “We handled it incorrectly.”

Crow was confident that Palin would attend on Saturday stressing that she “is a lady of her word and impeccably honest.”

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