FLASHBACK: Christie to Diane Sawyer: ‘I Don’t Feel Ready in My Heart to be President’

VIDEO of Gov. Chris Christie with Diane Sawyer

If Chris Christie decides to run for president, he won’t be the first person to jump into a race after saying definitely that he would not.  After all, when Tim Russert asked Barack Obama when he was still a senator whether he would run in 2008, Obama said, “I will not.”

But Chris Christie’s denials have sounded more heartfelt than your typical politician demurring on a run.  He hasn’t quite sounded like William Sherman opting out of the 1884 race  – “I will not accept if nominated and will not serve if elected” – but he’s come pretty close.

Exhibit A:  Christie’s interview with Diane Sawyer on April 6, 2011.

“I don’t feel ready in my heart to be president,” Christie said.  “And unless I do, I don’t have any right offering myself to the people of this country.”

The entire exchange is worth watching as Christie speculation is again running rampant. You can watch the interview HERE .

To read the full transcript of their conversation click HERE





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