Huntsman HQ: Manchester In, Orlando Out

The Huntsman campaign announced today that it will be moving its headquarters from Orlando, Fla., to Manchester, N.H., next month. A spokesperson for the campaign confirmed the move, which will include several staff layoffs to eliminate redundancies as well as reopening the Florida offices in Miami.

“As evidenced by recent polling Jon Huntsman’s support with New Hampshire voters continues to grow every day and this move will ensure that we have the resources necessary to win the First in the Nation primary,” campaign manager Matt David said in a statement. “Success in New Hampshire is vital for our campaign to have the momentum we need to succeed in South Carolina, Florida, and the states that follow.”

Huntsman zeroed in on New Hampshire as soon as he returned to the United States from his post as ambassador to China in May, touring the state extensively and delivering a graduation speech to the University of Southern New Hampshire. However, it was decided early on that the former governor would settle in Florida both for its importance in the general election, as well as for his wife, Mary Kaye, who is from Florida and still has family in the area.

The campaign has already begun shifting their resources from Florida to New Hampshire, moving several staffers and adding four senior advisors to the New Hampshire offices in early September. During that time, a source close to the campaign told ABC News, “There is enough time for New Hampshire voters to understand exactly who he is. They don’t know anything about his pro-life, pro-growth, pro-gun record, that combined with a global understanding of the world and his record of a job creator is a big package that we have to present to voters in New Hampshire.”


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