Romney Gets Personal at South Carolina Forum

It wasn’t entirely about the economy today for Gov. Mitt Romney, who fielded questions at the Palmetto Freedom Forum on subjects we have so far heard little about on the campaign trail — from his position on Roe v. Wade, to what he’s looking for in a vice president and how he’d handle tough life-and-death decisions if elected.

Romney has mostly stayed mum about faith during his campaign, but today offered a rare glimpse into his personal relationship with God and how it relates to his ability to cope in difficult situations.

“I go on my knees,” Romney said of his decision-making process. “I’m a person of faith and I look for inspiration.”

The biggest applause of the afternoon came when he was asked what he would change about President Obama’s foreign policy.

“A lot,” Romney quipped, audibly delighting the crowd. “First, I’d have one.”

“We have to have a very clear foreign policy,” he said. “Everything we do in foreign policy ought to be looked at through the following lens: Does it make America stronger?

“A strong America is the best ally peace has ever known,” he said.

Romney didn’t stop there with his attacks on Obama.

Asked how, if he became the GOP nominee, he might respond during a debate with the president if he were accused of “implementing Obamacare in Massachusetts,” Romney said that would be “one of his best assets.”

“[I'd say] you give me credit for what you tried to copy in some respects,” said Romney. “We didn’t raise taxes, Mr. President, you raised taxes $500 billion, we didn’t cut medicare, one president in modern history cut medicare, this president.”

“I’d ask why didn’t you give me a call and I’d have told you what to do right,” Romney added.

“It’s simply unconstitutional, it’s bad law and it’s bad medicine,” said Romney of the health care law passed by Congress.

Romney did discuss the economy during the forum, saying he’d sign right-to-work legislation if elected and also defended — again — his remark from the Iowa State Fair when he said, “Corporations are people too.”

“Corporations are made up of people, employees … shareholders … we want people to succeed,” Romney said today.

Romney also fielded questions about Roe v. Wade — he said he’d support overturning the controversial abortion decision to make way for states to determine abortion law — and discussed, sort of, his possible running mates.

Calling it “presumptuous” to speculate about who might fit as a vice president in a Romney administration, the former Massachusetts’ governor said, “I haven’t made any selections in that regard. … I would expect they’d all be pro-life and pro-traditional marriage. … They would share my views.”

Romney declined to speak to the press following his participation in the forum. Campaign sources tell ABC News that Romney hit the road right away for Nevada, where he is scheduled to deliver his jobs plan tomorrow from a truck dealership in North Las Vegas.

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