Romney Says Perry’s Social Security Plan is a “Moral Wrong”

In an oped just posted on Fox News’ website, Mitt Romney says GOP frontrunner Rick Perry’s plan to “dismantle” Social Security would be a “moral wrong.”

“Instead of repairing the program as I aim to do, he wants to dismantle it,” writes Romney.

“It would be a moral wrong to renege on the ‘iron-clad commitment’ we have made as a society to our nation’s elderly and vulnerable,” writes Romney. “The American people are looking to keep Social Security alive and well, and I believe the Republican Party should be committed to doing just that.”

As we’ve seen in recent weeks, Romney is no longer shying away from pointing fingers at Perry, and spends the majority of this oped doing just that, at one point calling Perry’s plan “ill-thought out.”

“What should we do about Social Security? Unfortunately, the issue is becoming contentious among my fellow Republicans in destructive ways,” writes Romney.

Romney goes on to ask six questions of Perry’s Social Security plan — the same questions that have been released by the campaign for days now — before writing that Perry’s proposal “cries out for answers.”

“Thus far, we have none,” says Romney.

Romney also outlines his own plan for Social Security, in which he says he’d raise the eligibility age and change the benefits for high-income retirees.

“These policy options together will enable Social Security to remain financially sound beyond the next 75 years,” he writes.

The full oped can be found here:

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