Boehner Tells Chamber Federal Govt. Strangling Business

Oct 26, 2011 11:58am

House Speaker John Boehner told the U.S. Chamber of Commerce this morning that government regulation is out of control. The Ohio Republican said businesses in this country are experiencing a “federal regulator onslaught.”

In a speech to the chamber’s annual legal reform summit, Boehner said dealing with excessive government regulation, reforming America’s tax code and addressing the nation’s debt will help businesses create jobs.

Boehner did not specifically address tort or any kind of legal reform.

The speaker told the audience about a lawsuit by the National Labor Relations Board pushing to move a Boeing plant out of South Carolina. The speaker says the plant would create thousands of new jobs in South Carolina, so he doesn’t understand why a federal agency would sue to move the plant. (The federal agency has alleged that Boeing engaged in unfair labor practices when it decided to build the plant)

“Listen, I’ve been around government for quite a while, but I have never seen actions like this in my entire career,” Boehner said. “This is a federal regulator onslaught like no one has ever seen.”

Excessive regulation is standing in the way of putting people back to work, Boehner told the summit. “Listen, I don’t want dirty air, I don’t want dirty water,” he said. “It’s about what makes sense in order for America to be able to compete, and if we can compete and compete successfully, more Americans are going to be back to work.”

The speaker accused the Democratic-controlled Senate of stalling job growth. He said the Senate is sitting on at least 15 bills passed by the House that would help put Americans back to work.

“We offered our plan for America’s job creators back in May,” he said. “Our plan would put more Americans back to work. We’ve been working on it all year.”

Boehner added: “The president was running around in September saying, ‘Look, Republicans have no plan. They have no plan.’ Let me tell you, I had to call the president and remind him that we have a plan.”

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