Ford Foundation President on ‘A More Perfect Union: A Dialogue on American Values’

VIDEO: Ford Foundation president weighs in on shared American values.


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In Philadelphia tonight I’ll be hosting an event called “A More Perfect Union: A Dialogue on American Values.” It’s the first in a series from the Ford Foundation and Georgetown University. And tonight we’ll discuss how our values play into decisions about the budget.


CLICK HERE or HERE for more information about the event.

There are 10 participants and prior to tonight’s discussion we asked them to respond to three questions:

1. Do you believe Americans hold a set of shared values, such as freedom, equality and community? What are some other important values in public life?

2. In your view, has identification with shared American values grown stronger or weaker over the past decade?

3. Which values do you think should guide decisions about our national budget?


Here’s what Ford Foundation President Luis Ubinas had to say:



You can see how Georgetown University students answered these questions HERE. And weigh in below to let me know what you think.


–George Stephanopoulos


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