Herman Cain and Sexual Harassment: A Halloween ‘Witch Hunt’?, Obama’s Pulse and Can We Wait for Common Ground?

VIDEO: Herman Cain Sings Gospel Song

News that Herman Cain was accused of sexual harassment – what he called a “witch hunt” — continues to dominate the Halloween political news cycle.

After his strong denial earlier – “I have never sexually harassed anyone,” he said – we are starting to learn some specific details of his side of the story.

In an interview with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, to air tonight, Cain responds to the news first reported by Politico. He said he remembered only one woman filing a formal complaint, the Washington Examiner reports. When asked what might have led to that accusation, Cain said he once made a gesture — with his palm near his chin — telling the woman she was the same height as his wife. That incident, Cain said, was included in a complaint as having made the woman uncomfortable. http://abcn.ws/sJm6P6

He tells Judy Woodruff of the Newshour, in another interview that will air shortly, that one incident he remembers took place “in my office, door wide open & my secretary was sitting right there,” according to PBS’s David Chalian.

No one has yet reported the names of the women, the amounts they were paid, or their sides of the story. Perhaps the oddest part of Cain’s is that he says he had no knowledge of a settlement even though he was in charge of the organization.

“This bull’s-eye on my back has gotten bigger,” the former businessman said at a luncheon at the National Press Club this afternoon. “We have no idea of the source of this witch hunt, which is what it is.”

Read our wrap-up of Herman Cain’s day. http://abcn.ws/sJm6P6

Oh, and he also burst into song, belting out the gospel “He Looked Beyond My Faults.”


Amazing Grace..Will always be my song of praise.

For it was grace, that brought me liberty,

I do not know, just why He came to love me so.

He looked beyond my faults and saw my need.

Watch it here:  http://abcn.ws/sk1Ivl

Cain as president would clearly set a new bar for the news conference.

Asked at the National Press Club today about race in America, he blamed President Obama for driving the country apart.

Instead  of us coming closer together, we’ve become more divided because of selectively on the part of this administration and its surrogates  playing the race card, the class warfare card, the economic inequity  card, in order to turn people against one another; the millionaires’  tax, all part of the class warfare card,” he said. “And so as a result, there’s more racial tension than there had been.”

He called the Tea Party a sleeping giant and took the opportunity to say it is not a racist movement.

“And while I’m on this subject, one of the other things, Mark, if  you don’t mind, is that some people have even made the assertion that  the only reason that I’m doing so well trying to get the Republican  nomination is because white Americans — the Republican Party and  conservatives are trying to send a message, we’re not racist,” he said, later adding, “This many white people can’t pretend that they like me.” http://abcn.ws/s8w3cA

Cain Connundrum, Dowd Edition – By the usual measures — organization, experience or money raised, — you would say Cain would be in last place.  Yet, he is currently leading the field in many polls, and in second in all the others.  He has shown times have changed and we need to start looking at campaigns differently in this day and age.  And take a look at Ron Paul whose conduct and policy positions have broken nearly every campaign and Republican rule, yet, in the polls, he is solidly in third place ahead of other, more orthodox candidates. http://abcn.ws/vY5jld

Out of Iraq and Into Kuwait – Luis Martinez reports on the Army’s post-Iraq plans. Pentagon Press Secretary George Little said today,”Our goal at the end of the day is to promote stability in the Middle East and we expect to continue to have strong  mil-to-mil relationships with countries in the region to include Iraq, to include Kuwait, to include others.”  http://abcn.ws/rRpfet

Rollins v. Bachmann, Cont’d – Ed Rollins continues to bash his former boss. He tells our Russell Goldman today that Michele Bachmann has “run out of money and ideas.”   http://abcn.ws/stA4hW

Presidential Physical – President Obama is a healthy dude: http://abcn.ws/sSulTX

NH Primary Date – Amy Walter reports that we should know Wednesday what the official New Hampshire primary date will be.

Cain Succeeds by Breaking Rules – Matt Dowd looks beyond the sexual harassment story and says Herman Cain has succeeded so far by breaking -rewriting the rules.

Super Committee Returns – Tomorrow in Congress is another meeting of the Super Committee. There was a plea by House Speaker John Boehner for Republicans and Democrats to come together and focus on places they agree. He appeared in Kentucky with local boy Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“Common ground doesn’t mean compromising on your principles. Common ground means finding the places where your agenda overlaps with that of the other party, locking arms, and getting it done, without violating your principles,” Boehner said. “The jobs crisis in America today demands that we seek common ground, and act on it where it’s found.” http://abcn.ws/vcszeW

Obama’s End-Run - While Boehner pled for common ground, Obama continued to argue that “We Can’t Wait,” signing his latest executive order. This one requires the FDA to do what it can to alleviate drug shortages. More from ABC’s Mary Bruce. http://abcn.ws/sfsXJu

Devin Dwyer takes a look at whether all the executive orders will accomplish anything. http://abcn.ws/saw03n

His end-run policy has a backer in Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden, who said on “Top Line” he can do even more. http://abcn.ws/tHcfhr

Perry’s Buddies – Rick Perry, sagging in the polls, was one of the first candidates to go on the air with a TV commercial. Now a super Pac that is friendly to him is following suit in South Carolina. http://abcn.ws/tldcYE

What if Joe Retired? Finally, it seems unlikely, but if Joe Biden decided he didn’t like his job any more, a lot of Americans would like to see Hillary Clinton take his place. Forty-three percent of adults said they favored Clinton as a Biden replacement when presented with a list of possible names by pollsters.  http://abcn.ws/rTIOaE

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