Herman Cain: ‘I Gotta Fight Romneycare and Get the Nomination’

Herman Cain skipped a RNC gala in Washington D.C. tonight to speak at the sold out Nueces County Republican Women’s Dinner in Corpus Christi. Following a private fundraiser in his honor, Cain talked about his 9-9-9 plan and railed against the Obama administration and a healthcare plan he said the American people did not want.

“Back in early 1990s”, Cain said, “I had to fight Hillarycare and be an outspoken voice against Hillarycare. During the passage of Obamacare, I had to fight Obamacare and he passed it anyway against the will of the people. So it seems as if many of my years have been fighting some kind of care. Hillarycare, Obamacare, and now I gotta fight Romneycare and get the nomination.”

Talking about his 9-9-9 Plan, Cain touted its simplicity.

“One of the guiding principles we have is that if the people understand it, they will support it and demand it.” Pulling out his 9-9-9 pamphlet, Cain promised to produce similar easy-to-read pamphlets for all of his policy proposals, namely ’9-9-9', energy independence, and illegal immigration — all of the “crises” he believes America faces.

Cain attacked the Obama administration for failing to identify the business sector as the “engine for economic growth”.

“What this administration has done, is they started out putting a trillion dollars worth of spending in the caboose. Thinking it’s going to push the engine up the hill. Didn’t work. Now this president wants to put another 450 billion dollars in the caboose. Same kind of spending programs just wrapped in different rhetoric. It is not going to work. How many times do they have to do the same thing, the same way and expect a different result, which Einstein calls insanity,” he said.

The crowd of about 900 roared with laughter when Cain joked about the increased scrutiny that he and his campaign have received since his surprising rise in the polls.

“I don’t know how many of you saw that last debate. I didn’t realize that that bullseye on my back was that big. They came after me like I had talked about their momma!” he said.

Once again, Cain motivated the crowd against the “stupid people” he says are ruining America. In his call on voters to stay informed, involved, and inspired, Cain said, “We outnumber the stupid people, we just gotta vote more.”

Cain revels in what he calls his common-sense solutions approach and his unconventional campaign. Convinced that a campaign run outside the box is what is appealing to voters, he told the dinner crowd, “We can do this!”

“We have done this campaign totally different than anybody else. We’re redefining the political landscape. And sort of burst loose with that Florida Straw Poll that we won a few weeks ago and that confirmed what we had been feeling, seeing and hearing all over this country for over a year.”

Cain was also presented with a key to the city of Corpus Christi.

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