McCain Blasts Obama’s Taxpayer Funded Bus — Again

Pointing out that President Obama’s re-election campaign has raised “records amount of money already,” Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.,  chastised the president again today for using taxpayer money to pay for his jobs tour that McCain said was “clearly campaign activities.”

“Never do I believe any of us have seen the kind of activity that the president has engaged in, and all of it being charged to the taxpayers of America. That’s wrong. That’s the wrong thing to do,” McCain said on the Senate floor this morning, “but at least this campaign should be paying for this kind of campaigning.”

Obama is on the second day of his three-day jobs tour — an official presidential activity — that brings him through North Carolina and Virginia, states he narrowly won in three years ago.

McCain said when he ran against Obama for president in 2008, he didn’t need a bus to be paid for and built by the government at the taxpayers’ expense.

“I understand that now there has been another bus purchased for whoever the Republican nominee is. How do you justify that? The Republican nominee may not want a bus.”


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