Romney Blames Obama’s ‘Failed Economic Policy’ for Unemployment Rate

Mitt Romney blamed today’s stagnant unemployment rate on President Barack Obama’s “failed economic policy.”

“What you’re seeing now is the result of a failed economic policy from a president who has been in office for three years and is looking for someone to blame,” said Romney this morning on “Fox and Friends.”

The jobs report released today showed that American companies added 103,000 jobs to their payrolls in September, exceeding economist expectation of a 60,000 gain. In addition, revisions to the previous two months’ reports added more than 90,000 jobs, including moving the August jobs report from zero jobs added to 57,000.

But the nation’s unemployment rate remained stagnant at 9.1 percent. According to the report, 14 million Americans wanted to work last month but were unable to find a job.

“You can learn some lessons from Ronald Reagan, from what he did after the recession when he came into office,” said Romney. “When he came into office he made sure government wasn’t burdening the enterprise system, kept taxes low, held down regulation and expanded trade around the world.”

“And in the month of September following the recession he inherited we actually created more than 1 million jobs,” he added.

Asked what he thinks about the president’s job bill and if he thinks he’s trying to “portray Congress and a bunch of political do-nothings,” Romney responded. “I think he’s having a very hard time doing that.”

“The American people remember that for the first two years of this president’s administration after he inherited the recession he had a Democrat House and a Democratic Senate – he had his way with legislation,” said Romney. “He could do whatever he wanted he passed a massive stimulate bill said he’d hold unemployment under 8 percent.”

“It hasn’t been below 8 percent since he’s had his way and trying to find someone new to blame is simply not going to work,” said Romney.

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