Vicious Comedy: Romney Team Mocks Perry on Jobs Plan

Who needs negative ads when you can engage in brutal comedy? The Romney campaign’s latest broadside against Rick Perry comes with a comedic twist. This morning the Romney team sent out an email to reporters claiming, “we happen to have obtained a copy of Gov. Perry’s economic plan.”

Really? Could that be? Well when you click on the link provided by the Romney campaign, you are greeted by 114-page booklet entitled, “Rick Perry’s Plan to Get America Working Again.” In the cover is the oft-parodied photo of Perry shooting a gun into the air. But the real cutting comedy is what is inside…more than 100 blank pages.

On the top of nearly every page of this mock jobs plan are the letters “N/A,” as in not available. There is nothing there. Get it?

This is clearly meant as a stark contrast to Romney’s 160-page, 59-point jobs plan released in a glossy “Believe in America” book several weeks ago.

Perry has said he will be presenting a more extensive jobs plan at some point. It’s doubtful they will model it after the version the Romney team suggested.

You rarely get hits in campaigns quite as snide as this one.

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