Ron Paul Says Obama Has Committed an Impeachable Offense

Oct 5, 2011 4:58am
gty ron paul jef 110923 wblog Ron Paul Says Obama Has Committed an Impeachable Offense

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Rep. Ron Paul expanded on his comments that the killing of a suspected al-Qaeda terrorist is an impeachable offense.

Paul, appearing this afternoon on Fox News with Megyn Kelly, denied that he directly raised the possibility, but said he was merely responding to a question.

He added that the precedent of killing an American citizen without a trial is “very serious.”

ABC affiliate WMUR reports that Paul was asked by a University of New Hampshire student Monday how Paul would hold Obama accountable for the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki.

Paul said impeachment would be a possibility, but there should be an investigation that holds Obama responsible.

Paul’s comments on Monday upped the ante on a series of pointed remarks aimed at President Obama over the killing of al-Awlaki.

Last Friday he called the strike “sad” and added that it’s “not a good way to deal with our problems.”

“If the American people accept this blindly and casually –  have a precedent of an American president assassinating people who he thinks are bad. I think it that’s sad,” he said.

Then in an op-ed piece published Sunday in the New York Daily News, Paul said “as president, I would have arrested Awlaki, brought him to the U.S., tried him and pushed for the stiffest punishment allowed by law.”

Paul wrote that he believes in the rule of law and the killing of al-Awlaki is the latest in a long line of unconstitutional acts by President Obama that includes military action in Libya and health care reform.

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