Navy Seal Widow Uses Facebook to Help Find Husband’s Wedding Band

The widow of one of the Navy Seals killed in the deadly chopper crash in August has launched a Facebook campaign to help her recover her husband’s wedding band after she misplaced it this weekend while traveling.

Kimberly Vaughn says her husband, Aaron Vaughn, would always leave his silver wedding band at home when he deployed overseas, and she would wear it on her thumb as a reminder of their love.  

Vaughn was killed in Afghansitan in August when the Chinook helicopter he was on crashed, killing  the 30 American service members aboard.  He was one of the 22 Navy Seal personnel killed in the crash.

Kimberly Vaughn told the Washington Post she was “crushed” to find that she’d  accidentally lost the band while flying home from Texas this weekend. 

She has created a Facebook page that retraces in great detail every stop she made during her flight from Houston through Charlotte  to Washington D.C.   Vaughn even describes how a helpful flight attendant helped her dismantle her airplane seat once she realized she couldn’t find the ring.

Vaughn tells the Post she decided a social media campaign would be a way “to get a broad range of people to look at it, from people who work in airports to passengers who might have been on the plane.”  She adds,  ”I don’t need a ring as a reminder of our love … but it meant so much to me, and it is devastating to have it gone.”

Here is what Vaughn has posted on the Facebook site :

About Find Aaron Vaughn’s Wedding Band and return it to his widow…

Description Aaron Vaughn (U.S. Navy Seal) was Killed in Action in Afghanistan on Aug.  6, 2011. I (Kimberly) wore his wedding band as a constant reminder of our love. Unfortunately, I lost it on Oct. 1 while traveling from Houston, Texas (Houston George Bush Intercontinental airport) through the Charlotte, N.C., airport on my way back to Washington D.C. Hopefully someone will find it?!

My path of mayhem … Saturday morning, Oct. 1 at 8:30 a.m. I left the Super 8 hotel in Deer Park, Texas, and then returned a rental car (Orange colored Kia Soul) to IAH from Thrifty Rental car.

I checked in for US Airways flight 1864 out of IAH (Houston George Bush Intercontinental) and then went through security boarding my flight at gate A19. I sat in seat 18E of flight 1864.

In Charlotte I switched planes boarding US Airways flight 1327 to DCA (Washington’s Reagan Airport) at gate C13. I did stop at a women’s restroom … hopefully it did not slip off my hand when I washed/dried them … Then a quick stop at TCBY and finally boarded at gate C13. I sat in seat 10A when the horrible realization hit me … I HAD LOST MY HUSBAND’S WEDDING BAND! A flight attendant took every step to help me find it aboard, but to no avail (even dismantling my seat to check every crevice!).



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