Trump Endorses…Mel Gibson?

David Becker/Getty Images

Candidate after candidate has paraded through New York City to court Donald Trump.  Today it is Herman Cain , but before there was Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry , Mitt Romney , even not-necessarily-a-candidate Sarah Palin .  So many meetings, so much politicking, but who will the Donald support?

Maybe Mel Gibson.

OK, not for president, but Trump just tweeted a glowing review of Gibson to all of his social media followers.

Yes, @realDonaldTrump says, “Saw Braveheart this week in plane—fantastic movie. @MelGibson was great. Hopefully he can make a comeback.”

“Braveheart” came out in 1995, and is not clear whether this was the first time Trump had seen the film.  And since it won the Academy Award for “Best Picture,” Gibson has had a storm of explosive publicity (the kind of thing that will come with anti-Semitic rants).

Maybe Gibson could be a candidate for a future “Celebrity Apprentice?”

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