Gabby Giffords Speaks, Perry Rebounding from an Oopsey and What DC Did for Vets Today

Gabrielle Giffords Speaks to Diane SawyerWatch it here.

On the 11th Hour of the 11th Day -What did Washington do today for veterans?

1. Bipartisan vote – By a vote of 94-1, a measure to provide tax credits to businesses that hire unemployed or disabled veterans, sailed though the Senate, with only one senator voting no. The lone no vote, Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., said from the Senate floor that the bill is “good politics,” but not good policy. Citing past similar examples, he said the tax credit is not enough to increase employment. More from Sunlen Miller:

2. Business pledge – First Lady Announces Pledge to Hire 100K Veterans and Military Spouses by 2014

Oops!: Just Jokes – The world is still fascinated with Rick Perry’s oops. The campaign has been in engaged in a valiant attempt to play it off. They’ve made jokes of the misstep on his website. He’ll do the Top Ten List on Letterman and visit the Daily Show. Laura Ingraham practically begged Rick Perry to go on Saturday Night Live.

But will making too many jokes of the campaign make the campaign feel like a joke?

Oops! Hall of Fame – You probably guessed sweaty Richard Nixon and “soviet domination” Gerald Ford. But you probably haven’t heard of Patricia Madrid, the New Mexico Democrat who had her own version of a brain freeze.

Nixon overcame his sweaty and uncomfortable appearance after 12 days in the hospital in 1960 to win election 12 years later. But only two of the candidates in the hall of fame went on to win their race. Jan Brewer and Michael Dukakis.

Here’s some synergy. Both Nixon and Ford are in the Oops Hall of Fame. And they both feature in Nixon’s Grand Jury testimony, released today on the Internet.

When Rick Perry Remembered - How His ‘Oops’ Was Supposed To Sound – Michael Falcone and Arlette Saenz found some campaign trail video of what Perry’s line was supposed to sound like.

Thirteen Days to Sequestration! – If you don’t know what sequestration is, find out. You’re going to hear a lot more about it in two weeks. We’re less than two weeks from the Super Committee deadline and Sunlen Miller reports that “both sides’ (Republicans and Democrats on the committee) plans were rejected by the other and, as of now, no meetings have been scheduled for the full committee.

Rangel: Mad as Hell – “Rep. Charles Rangel isn’t optimistic about the prospects of the super-committee coming to an agreement on closing the deficit – and he isn’t particularly rooting for a breakthrough, according to Rick Klein, who interviewed Rangel on Top Line.

“The whole concept of 12 people doing what the Congress should be doing is one that is unacceptable to me,” Rangel, D-N.Y., said today. “The secret vibrations that we get that are leaked from the Republicans and the Democrats is not the way to run a country.”

Romney Draws on Michigan Roots, Says Detroit ‘Breaks His Heart’ – “Leaning heavily on his personal history in Michigan, Romney began the event by listing the reasons why he loved the state before launching into his usual stump speech in which he focused  on the state of the economy,” reports Emily Friedman.

Herman Cain Tells Kalamazoo, ‘I’ve Been Through Hell!’ “Reminding the crowd that he never took a course in political correctness, Cain spoke about the events of the last week, when he was dogged by resurfaced allegations that he sexually harassed women,” reports Susan Archer.

“Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been through hell,” he said. “Now here’s the good news. It didn’t kill me or slow us down one bit.”

JoPa Politics – Politicians loved Joe Paterno when he was coach. But scandal-ridden and out of a job, he’s feeling less love.  Pa. Senators No Longer Support Paterno for Medal of Freedom

Pennsylvania Politicians Weigh In On Paterno and Penn State Scandal

Pipeline Delayed -Obama Administration Delays Keystone XL Pipeline 12-18 Months, Punts Past Election, reports Kirit Radia.

Bachmann Speech Interrupted by Protesters Shouting ‘We Are the 99 Percent’ -Protesters forced Bachmann to briefly leave her on speech, reports Russell Goldman.

Mandate! Schedule – “The U.S. Supreme Court could announce as early as today whether it will take up a challenge to the new federal health care law. The justices will meet behind closed doors this morning for their regular conference. Although they could release the results of the conference today, it is more likely they will do so Monday,” reports Ariane de Vogue.

Tapper Q’s Carney on Solyndra

Democrat win in Cantor’s District Raises Eyebrows

Everyone else seems to have SuperPacky admirers, why not Newt? – By Elizabeth Hartfield’s count, there are 8 SuperPac’s supporting 2012 candidates (including Obama). Quiz: Who doesn’t have one? Hint: Santorum.

Dennis Ross to Leave the White House

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