Herman Cain Day 3: A New Allegation, Obama to Cannes, and Why God Wants Jobs in America… Since the AM Note

VIDEO: Rep. Clyburn: $4 Trillion in Cuts Possible

If Herman Cain thought allegations of sexual harassment were going to go away, he was wrong. He was still in Washington all day and he kept his meetings, but pursuing TV cameras saw a lot less of him.  Here are the nugget you need to know:

3rd Woman – A Third, but as-yet unnamed woman came forward to the AP to say she considered filing a workplace complaint against Cain during his 3-year stint at the National Restaurant Association. Who are the accusers? The Blotter team takes a look: http://abcn.ws/rTFhkq

Witness – A GOP pollster who worked at the NRA during the late 90's said on an Oklahoma radio station it was “only a matter of time” before this came out. Chris Wilson, by the way, has been tied in the past to a Super Pac that is friendly to the Perry campaign. Wilson said in a statement he did not have anything to do with leaking the story. http://abcn.ws/rVgyBc

Iowa Allegation -Radio host Steve Deace in Iowa tells Politico’s Jonathan Martin in an email that Cain made uncomfortable and suggestive comments to female employees. What’s his standard? “For example, I wouldn’t tell them or any other woman I am not married to nor related to how pretty she is.” This is the first allegation not related to the NRA.  http://politi.co/v8AOoY

Denial – Cain Spokesman JD Gordon says this: “Mr. Cain has said over the past two days at public events that we could see other baseless allegations made against him as this appalling smear campaign continues. He has never acted in the way alleged by inside-the-beltway media, and his distinguished record over 40 years spent climbing the corporate ladder speaks for itself. Since his critics have not been successful in attacking his ideas, they are resorting to bitter personal attacks. Mr. Cain deserves better.”

Who Leaked? – In an interview with Forbes, Cain accused his former campaign staffer – from his failed 2004 Senate bid – of leaking information about the settlements to Politico. Anderson denied it. And so did Anderson’s employer, the Perry campaign. Cain Chief of Staff Mark Block demanded an apology from the Perry campaign on Fox late tonight.

Perry campaign response from Communications Director Ray Sullivan: ” No one at our campaign was involved in this story in any way.  Any claim to the contrary is patently false.  The first we learned of it was when we read the story in POLITICO.”

The Full Story – Our Herman Cain main wrap is here – http://abcn.ws/vFOeRy

Vox Pop – When we did see Herman Cain in public this morning, he said this: “There is a force greater, there is a force at work here much greater than those that would try to destroy me and destroy this campaign and this journey to the White House. And that force is called the voice of the people. “More from Susan Archer: http://abcn.ws/s3tbAN

Where’s the line? – Asked if he had a roaming eye on Fox News Monday night, Herman Cain joked, “I enjoy flowers like everybody else.” But maintained he hadn’t harassed anyone.

So what is harassment? Joanna Grossman of Hofstra said a hostile work  environment can be defined as “comments, gestures, pictures, drawings, anything that is sexual in nature and that is unwelcome. It has to be severe or pervasive, and it has to create a hostile, offensive or abusive work environment from the perspective of a reasonable person.” More from Ariane de Vogue: http://abcn.ws/sn90h0

Defenders - The Herminator continues to have a lot of support. Here are some of the Georgians.

Newt Gingrich calls him “friend.” “Here’s a situation where we’ve got a guy who’s the front runner for the Republican nomination, has a serious proposal on tax policy: 999, whether you like or dislike it, it is a serious big idea,” Gingrich said on WHO in Iowa. “He’s out there trying to help a country that’s in desperate trouble, and he has gotten more coverage over the last few days over gossip.” http://abcn.ws/ug4XOz

Saxby Chambliss, after having dinner with Cain at a D.C. Steakhouse last night, said Cain was a “good man.” http://abcn.ws/s0EX8Y

But Chambliss wouldn’t get into the harassment allegations. “I’m not going to get into any of that discussion about this issue because I don’t know anything about it,” Chambliss said. “And every politician would have handled the same situation probably in their own different way. But I just, I’m not going to get into the way he handled it.”

The Field on Cain – For the second time in two days, Bachmann said the GOP candidate should have “no surpises” and there aren’t any with her, per ABC’s Russell Goldman.

A great big no comment from Romney today, per ABC’s Emily Friedman: “So all the questions relating to his… issue there, I think have to be addressed to him and his campaign.”

Confidentiality – Questions remain regarding the timing of the reported agreement and whether it binds the association or Cain, who left the association over a decade ago. But Alan Dershowitz, Harvard law professor, said it would be unusual for any such agreement to prohibit only the accuser from speaking about the incident, and not the accused.  More here from ABC’s Susanna Kim: http://abcn.ws/uWgtZQ

Where’s Mitt? – Romney avoided protesters at a packed Wall Street fundraiser today, sidestepping people picketing his private appearance at a Hyatt in New York. Tomorrow he’ll be at a townhall in New Hampshire. http://abcn.ws/vW5YOK

For Sale: Obama’s Solyndra Banner – KGO noticed an interesting item up for auction at Solyndra’s liquidation. More from Devin Dwyer: http://abcn.ws/rqWJDO

To Cannes – The President is enroute to the G20 meeting in Cannes, France, where the Eurozone crisis will take center stage and the sway of China will be key. Mary Bruce reports: “With the economic recovery in the U.S. lagging, Obama is not in a strong position to lecture his European counterparts, nor is the U.S. likely to offer financial help outside the IMF. European officials have petitioned Beijing for a big investment in their rescue fund. The White House, which now finds itself fighting the narrative that China is going into the G20 with more clout than the U.S., has downplayed whether such a development would elevate China’s influence.”  http://abcn.ws/tL2fHy

God Wants Jobs. Trust Me – Obama criticized the House for spending time on a measure to reaffirm the national motto “In God We Trust.” “That’s not putting people back to work,” Obama said as he stood before the Key Bridge that connects Washington, D.C., to Northern Virginia. “I trust in God, but God wants to see us help ourselves by putting people back to work.”

He was speaking in front of the Key Bridge in Georgetown. It’s his second event in two months in front of a bridge to tout stimulus spending that wouldn’t kick in ’til 2013. More from Mary Bruce: http://abcn.ws/u4T1Gf

1,500 Obama Events for Young People – Devin Dwyer reports on the president’s campaign attempts to re-mobilize young people. “Obama volunteers are fanning out across all 50 states ahead of Sunday’s official one-year mark, opening new Obama for America campaign offices, holding house parties to enlist new supporters, canvassing neighborhoods on foot and by phone to talk about the president’s record, and signing up voters at registration drives.” http://abcn.ws/rLQzgW

Pipe Line – And the President will be involved in the Keystone Pipeline decision, he tells our Omaha affiliate KETV. Devin Dwyer says Obama has tried to walk a fine line on the issue, recently acknowledging the concerns raised by a group of protesters during his speech in Denver, Colo., last week, saying “we’re looking at it … no decision’s been made.” More here:  http://abcn.ws/sRpwLA

$4 Trillion? Easy! - Meanwhile, there is less than a month to go before the super committee needs to have a deficit solution ready. Super committee member Rep. James Clyburn told us today it’s easy to find the necessary $4 trillion, but it can’t come all from cuts. http://abcn.ws/tB2yfH

Flackcheck.org –   (a spinoff of Factcheck.org) – And we heard from Kathleen Hall Jamieson, who said her outfit at the Annenberg school will be unveiling a new “Flackcheck.org” to keep an eye on how ads are used on TV, just as Factcheck continues to keep an eye on the ads themselves. http://abcn.ws/t5yOyG

Santorum’s Pivot – 99 Counties… and counting – Presidential candidate Rick Santorum plans to pivot from his 99-county tour of Iowa (he’s the only one to hit every one) to a series of detailed policy speeches  that will span the areas of cultural and social issues, the economy and foreign policy, his campaign told ABC News’ Michael Falcone and Shush Walshe. http://abcn.ws/tpTKG3

Perry’s Wacky Sober Friday Night – Perry continues to answer questions about his animated speech last Friday in New Hampshire. Today he told the San Francisco Chronicle it was a “pretty typical speech” and, for the first time, said he did not take painkillers or drink alcohol prior to stepping on the stage. http://abcn.ws/vox6ee

Save the Postal Service – A new bipartisan plan from Republican Susan Collins, (sorta) Democrat Joe Lieberman and others would call for a fundamental restructuring of the postal service, including cost-saving changes that will affect individual and business mailers and USPS employees. There would be “compassionate buyouts” and a smaller workforce and a the Postal Service would receive a repayment of nearly $7 billion from the Office of Personnel Management because of overpayments that the postal service has made to the federal employees retirement system.  More from Sunlen Miller: http://abcn.ws/vjUDTJ

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