Jon Huntsman's Web Videos Focus on Romney's 'Flip-Flops'

Support for Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman was at 1 percent in an ABC News-Washington Post poll released today. Huntsman has been polling low numbers for several months, but his focus is on winning the New Hampshire primary, which is Jan. 10.

Huntsman said he believes it will be a two-person race in New Hampshire and that Mitt Romney will be one of those people, when Fox News host Bill Hemmer asked him why he has focused on Romney when Herman Cain is leading in the polls.

“It’s important to compare and contrast at this point,” Huntsman told Hemmer. “It is important to talk about flip-flops on life, flip-flops on guns, flip-flops on taxes, flip-flops on health care reform.”

There’s no shortage of  Huntsman campaign efforts on the Internet to point out Romney’s perceived flip-flops through Web videos. Visitors can even vote on their favorite Romney “flip-flop video” of 2011.

The two videos in the running are “Back Flip,” which shows a split screen of a back-flipping monkey, contrasted with edits of Romney making contradicting statements at appearances and on TV.

The other video, called “Weather Vane,” plays off of comment made to CNN about Romney’s being a “perfectly lubricated weather vane,” and is similar to ”Back Flip,” with more Romney contradictions and a split screen of a weather vane blowing in the wind.

Romney has disputed claims by his rivals that he changes his position on issues too often, saying Thursday that he is “as consistent as human beings can be.”

Romney, in speaking to the Seacoastonline editorial board in Portsmouth, N.H., explained that he “cannot state every single issue in the exact same words every single time.”

While a web ad pointing out other candidates’ flaws is standard in an election, Seth Mandel, a columnist for Commentary magazine, said Huntsman is running a juvenile campaign.

“Romney’s flip-flops? Fair game, and something conservatives have been vocally uneasy about since the beginning of the campaign (actually since the beginning of the 2008 campaign),” he said. “But the back-flipping monkey toy as a visual representation of his party’s leading candidate for president was just a bit juvenile.”

The Huntsman campaign released a third Romney video this week called “Pretzel,” but no pretzel visual is actually in the video.

“We’re finger-pointing,”  Huntsman said Thursday at the Converse College Presidential Forum in Spartanburg, S.C. “We’re blaming everybody else, but we’re not pulling together during a time when this nation so desperately needs to unify and rally. We’ve got to find some common solutions and pull together as people and the fact that we are not is a very painful thing to watch.”

However the videos might be viewed by voters, the Huntsman campaign has found exact contrasting statements from Romney. Here’s 10 seconds from the script of the “Pretzel” video:

ROMNEY: “I believe that since Roe v. Wade has been the law for 20 years that we should sustain and support it. ROMNEY: I’m in favor of having the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade.”

Huntsman campaign spokesman Tim Miller told ABC News today that it is important voters understand the stark difference between the Huntsman and Romney records.

“Mitt Romney is the front-runner in this race,” Miller said. “He has a record of flip-flopping on every key issue facing our country. Gov. Huntsman has a consistent record as a conservative problem solver.”

ABC News’ Emily Friedman contributed to this report.

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