Obama Campaign Website Gets Makeover

Less than a year to election day, the Obama campaign today refreshed the look and interactive features of its website to more prominently promote its grassroots efforts in key states.

Gone is the opening “I’m in” page leading to the campaign’s blog.  The site now opens to an image-focused layout that highlights constituency outreach groups (e.g. Women for Obama), fundraising incentives (e.g. Dinner with Barack sweepstakes), and an expanded online campaign store where you can buy Obama/Biden-themed basketball jerseys, martini glasses, and Christmas ornaments.

Specific pages for each of the 50 states offer updates posted by field directors about activities there and tweets from their volunteers.

It also prominently features an “Obama’s record in brief” section that lists the president’s accomplishments in six areas: education, energy and environment, equal rights, health care, jobs and economy, and national security.

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