Rich Lowrie, Rich Lowry, Where Art Thou on Herman Cain?

VIDEO: Battle of the Riches: Herman Cain Advisor Rich Lowrie on ABCs Top Line

 They’re conservative politicos by the same name with an interest in Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

But in dueling interviews today on ABC News’ “Top Line,” Cain economic adviser Rich Lowrie and National Review editor Rich Lowry said they each see the swirling reports of sexual harassment allegations involving Cain in a different light. 

“As an economic adviser, I can comment on the economics of it, and he’s going to handle this situation and I can verify that it will have zero impact on the 6 million jobs that the 9-9-9 job will create,” said Lowrie, the former Wells Fargo financial planner who’s credited with conceiving the catchy 9-9-9 plan.

Asked if the allegations have triggered concern among Cain’s staff, Lowrie said, “I can speak to the fact first hand: he’s a good man, and I’m gonna stick with economics and allow him to handle the situation.” 

“We’re going to continue to execute the same game plan that’s been in effect all along,” Lowrie said. “It was the same game plan that got us to this point in the polls and the same game plan that had the establishment largely discounting our chances.”

The National Review’s Lowry, however, said that Cain’s unconventional damage control, which has featured “muddled explanations,” risks breeding unease over what other skeletons could be hiding in Cain’s closet.

“On Greta Van Susteren last night, I thought he was very sincere, very believable,” Lowry said, “but it makes you a little nervous about what is he going to remember next, you know?”

So far the allegations have not appeared to hurt Cain’s standing with his base, and might even be helping him.  Cain reported his best day of online fundraising ever Monday.

“I think it helps Herman Cain and reinforces his appeal, at least in the near or medium term rather than detracting from it,” Lowry said.

WATCH the interview with Cain adviser Rich Lowrie.

WATCH the interview with National Review editor Rich Lowry.

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