Rick Perry Says He Relishes Opportunity to Debate Obama

NASHUA, N.H. – In a VFW hall in downtown Nashua on Wednesday afternoon, Texas Gov. Rick Perry was confronted by a voter’s concern that his debate skills might impede his run for the presidency, especially should he become the Republican nominee and face President Obama in the general election.

“You’re much better out here away from that podium. How are you going to defeat Obama considering you’re not a very good debater?” an audience member asked during the question-and-answer session.

“I relish the day. We’ll have a lot of debates. I’ll get there early,” Perry responded. “And talk about the future of this country because that’s what people want to hear. Who knows how to get America back working, and I’ve got the track record and the outsider of Washington D.C. to do it. I can’t wait to get started.”

Just before Perry took the stage at his afternoon townhall, his campaign released its newest television ad, the first negative spot of the campaign, attacking Obama as “pathetic” and a bearer of “socialist policies.”

At the packed VFW hall, Perry continued promoting his “Uproot and Overhaul Washington” plan and fielded questions about healthcare, China and education.

One audience member asked if he would cut the federal workforce through attrition as he had heard Mitt Romney describe at a recent New Hampshire event.

“I’m gonna cut with an axe, sir,” Perry said.

The Nashua townhall was Perry’s second event of the day on his seventh trip to the state. It is unclear when and how often Perry will return to New Hampshire, but his staff says Perry will campaign again in the state before the primary.

“We’ll definitely be back to the Granite State,” campaign manager Rob Johnson said.

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