Rick Perry Tells Cain: ‘Address These Allegations’

Rick Perry made his first comments on the latest allegations against Herman Cain this morning, saying that his rival for the Republican presidential nomination can’t ignore the accusations against him. 

“He needs to address these allegations. That’s the bottom line,” Perry said in an interview with Fox and Friends Wednesday morning. “He needs to address the allegations, and if they’re true he has to address that with the people of this country.”

Perry remained quiet on the Cain allegations Tuesday as reporters repeatedly asked him questions about it.

Perry also made another small gaffe this morning referring to the New Hampshire primary in January as the “New Hampshire caucuses.”

The gaffe came a day after Perry had a double flub, saying that the voting age is 21 and that election day is Nov. 12. The nation’s voting age is 18, and election day is Nov. 6.

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