Mitt Romney Avoids Protesters at Packed Wall Street Fundraiser

A group of about 20 protesters gathered in front of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in midtown Manhattan this morning, hoping for a chance to confront presidential candidate Mitt Romney regarding Wall Street spending.

But they never got their chance. As they chanted “Romney, Mr. One Percent” and “Billionaire, billionaire pay your fair share,” the presidential hopeful had already entered, dodging the national media as well and was presumably raking in thousands of dollars from the hundreds of supporters, largely from the finance world, who packed a ballroom to hear him speak.

The private fundraiser, which, according to the invitation, boasted 80 co-chairs, was closed to the media.

A smaller group of protesters attempted to sneak into the event but were swiftly rebuffed by hotel security and members of the NYPD, who threatened arrest.

VIP tickets cost $2,500 each and the general breakfast reception had a price tag of $500, according to the invitation.

Those leaving the fundraiser could be heard discussing Romney’s “strong family values” as they headed to the string of black town cars that waited outside the hotel.

Other attendants said Romney spoke for 15 minutes and focused primarily on foreign policy and the economy. His wife, Ann, accompanied him.

Romney’s national finance chairman, Spencer Zwick, and the New York GOP chairman, Ed Cox, were both seen at the event, as were members of the campaign’s media and advance team.

Romney was spotted Tuesday at another fundraiser at Manhattan’s Waldorf-Astoria hotel.

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