Romney, on 4th Trip to Iowa, Emphasizes Importance of Iowans’ Vote

DES MOINES – Mitt Romney, often criticized for not taking Iowa seriously, took time today to remind Iowa voters of the importance of January’s vote.

“It would be great if everyone in this corporation would say, ‘I’m going to take some time out and go to the caucuses and go to the school, or wherever it is going to be held, and get in there and vote for a person of my choice,’” said Romney, speaking to a crowd of employees at Nationwide Insurance.

This was Romney’s fourth trip to the Hawkeye State. Just last week, Romney was criticized by Iowa’s Republican Gov. Terry Branstad for not spending enough time in the state.

“I think he’s making a big mistake by not coming here and spending more time,” said Branstad of Romney, according to reports. “The people who have ignored Iowa have generally not done well in subsequent states.”

Asked about Branstad’s remarks during campaign stops in New Hampshire held at the same time as the Iowa governor’s birthday party, Romney responded, “I’ve said from the very beginning we intend to play in Iowa and I want to do very well there.”

Today, Romney continued to emphasize the importance of Iowa.

“Iowa has the first and, in some respects, one of the most powerful voices as to who our nominee will be, and whether that’s me or someone else, the people in this room could decide who it’s going to be,” said Romney.

“It’s a responsibly that has been given to Iowa for some decades now and we need you to think about it with some seriousness,” he said, before opening up the event to questions.

“With that in mind, you can ask me some questions that might help you make up your mind as to whether I’m the guy to support or whether there is someone else you think ought to be supported,” he said.

“I can give you some names of people who aren’t on the ballot, if you’d like to throw your vote to them,” he said, before quickly adding, “Just kidding!”

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