Solyndra Subpoena and Emails — Today’s Q’s for O’s WH — 11/10/11

TAPPER: Jay, I was wondering if you could comment on first of all the White House refusal to comply with Republicans in Congress asking for all documents related to Solyndra to be turned over to them by noon today. Obviously, that deadline was not met. And then also, Republicans in Congress are saying that some of the emails that they have uncovered indicate that the White House has not been forthcoming about the conversations that those behind the Solyndra business have had with people in the White House. I could cite those –


TAPPER: — emails if you want, but I’m sure you’ve seen them.

CARNEY: I have. Thank you, Jake. I appreciate it. The — a couple of things. One, we have been enormously cooperative with legitimate oversight, in this area and others. In this investigation alone, we’ve turned over 85,000 pages of documents, and we will continue to cooperate with this committee investigation.

On the issue of the subpoena that you reference, I don’t have any — anything to announce about any release made to the Hill yet, but I can say that as the White House counsel made clear in her letter, this is something we view as overbroad, unnecessary and, I think in my words, when something seems partisan, it probably is.

And in this case, when we hear the speaker of the House saying that he will, they will, the Republicans, be, quote, “relentless” in pursuing this oversight investigation, I think most American people wish they would be as relentless in taking measures to help the economy and create jobs as they are in trying to, you know, create a political issue out of something that is simply a policy decision, and policy decisions that were made on — you know, merit-based decisions out of the Department of Energy.

TAPPER: What about some of the items in this specific emails that –

CARNEY: Well, let’s be clear. The Republican knows — as — mean, what the episode in the last 24 hours shows I think reinforces the idea that this is becoming a political football in a partisan effort. They cherry-picked some documents and tried to make hay out of something that, when looked in its entirety, only reinforces what we’ve said, which is that there was no political influence in the decision-making progress — process that led to the loan guarantee for Solyndra. In fact, the meeting that they’re referring to, as I’m sure you’re aware, took place almost a year after the loan was approved, OK?

And Mr. Kaiser has said both, I believe, to committee members, both Republicans and Democrats, and in public, again, that he did not discuss the loan with members of this administration. So again, we have cooperated with legitimate oversight on this matter and others. We are now 85,000 pages into this process, nine committee staff briefings, four congressional hearings. The donor in question has been interviewed, and the investors have released their documents, and this was what the Republicans could find.

TAPPER: There is an –

CARNEY: Again, at some point they have to focus, I think, on the things that the American people care about.

TAPPER: There is an adviser to Kaiser quoted in one the emails saying the White House has offered to help in the past and we do have a contact with the White House that we are working with. And Republicans are citing that as an example that –

CARNEY: Well, again, there’s — this was a meeting that took place — again, this is either — emails from outside the administration. All of their review of the emails from internally have produced none of this — of what they want to be there. And they’ve clearly been gravely disappointed by that. The meeting that is referenced here took place almost, I think, 11 months after the loan guarantee went out the door. And the donor in question here, the investor in question here, Mr. Kaiser, has been explicitly clear about saying that he never discussed this loan with administration officials, White House officials.

-Jake Tapper

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