Super Fragile Supercommittee, New Hampshire Face-off and Newt Inc.; The PM Note

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ABC News’ Z. Byron Wolf reports:

We’ll all be watching Nightline, but the Cain Train hits Letterman tonight.

Is it Myanmar or Burma? And which should Clinton use when she’s shaking hands there?

Obama and Romney in NH – Next week will be a good opportunity to look back at New Hampshire. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama both have appearances in Nashua within a day of each other. Who is the frontrunner in that state?  Romney  by double digits, according to a recent Bloomberg poll.

There will also be a debate in Washington, D.C. next Tuesday.

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Supercalifragile – It’s a weekend of Big Games on the college grid iron, but in Washington, on Capitol Hill, the two parties square off on the supercommittee, which is charged with finding a way to reduce the deficit.

The deadline is before Thanksgiving, but if House Republicans want to stand by a 48 hour publicly available pledge, it’ll need to be out this weekend. There’s a mad dash today with side groups and outliers behind different sets of closed doors, talking about different proposals. The exact deadline for a supercommittee deal is fungible.

“We are painfully, painfully aware of  the deadline that is staring us in the face,” Republican co-chair Jeb Hensarling, Tex.,  said at a hastily arranged press conference after Republican members met earlier this morning. “We have 12 good people who have worked hard since this committee has been created to find sufficient common ground for an agreement that will simultaneously address both our nation’s jobs crisis and debt crisis, and clearly, when we have something more to report we will report.”

Democratic co-Chair Patty Murray sounded decidedly downbeat in discussing the latest GOP proposal with reporters. “I mean – it, from what I’ve heard, and I have not seen it. But from what I’ve heard it does not meet, even close to coming to meet, the issues that we set out from the beginning. Fair and balanced.”

More from Sunlen Miller and John Parkinson:

Vote Counter - Rep. Pete Roskam will be in charge of finding votes if the supercommittee can reach a deal. We talked to him on Top Line today. He did say that whole 48 hour thing can be changed in a pinch.

Balanced Budget Amendment Fails in House – The supercommittee remains a mystery, but one thing is clear, there will be no balanced budget amendment. It failed to pass the House with the necessary ? majority today.

Newt Inc, Healthcare Edition – Huma Khan reports that Gingrich has blasted the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act, saying in a video that he is “completely opposed to the Obamacare mandate on individuals,” and that he “fought it for two and half years at the Center for Health Transformation.” But the Center for Health Transformation, which Gingrich founded, actually supported imposing a mandate on those who made more than $50,000 per year. Gingrich has severed ties with the group. But it has made tens of millions from the health care industry offering advice with Gingrich’s name atop its masthead.

CHT spokeswoman Susan Meyers said the group advocates such a move at the state level, not solutions that are “forced at the federal level” and that Gingrich supports “free market solutions.”

“We believe that any idea that states want to originate, that’s fine,” Meyers told ABC News. “It should be their prerogative if they choose to do that.”

Gingrich also broke from the right when he praised his client Gundersen Lutheran Health System’s end-of-life best practice as one that “empowers patients and families.” At the height of the health care debate in which end-of-life care became a key dividing issue between Republicans and Democrats, Gingrich stood out alone in the Republican field.

Romney on the FOIA War – Emily Friedman reports that Mitt Romney said staffers who bought up hard drives from the governor’s office before leaving in 2006 “all followed the law exactly as it was written.”

“We actually put in 700 boxes of information into the archives that were not required,” Romney told ABC News’ Boston affiliate WCVB outside a luncheon fundraiser at a Manchester hotel. “We followed the law as intended and as written.”

Asked whether he thought politics were in play in regard to the article that brought the aides’ purchases to light, Romney laughed and said, “I can’t imagine politics being involved in a campaign.”

Further questioned as to whether there was cynicism in his response, Romney responded, “No, just humor,” before climbing into his SUV.

Solyndra – Not Over Yet – We also talked Solyndra with Rep. Adam Kinzinger on Top Line:

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Is @RealDonaldTrump Real?- Trump tweeted about politics while on-set at the Regis farewell. Who’s the real @RealDonaldTrump, wonders John Berman.

Re-Redistricting – Jan Brewer got a rebuke from state court after she moved to fire the head of the state’s redistricting committee.

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