The Senate Prays for the Supercommittee

VIDEO: ABCs Sunlen Miller on the deadline facing the deficit reduction committee.

With the deficit supercommittee in a deadlock just six days before their deadline, the Senate Chaplain tried to summon the 12-members some extra help this morning: a prayer.

“In a special way, guide the supercommittee in its challenging work,” Senate Chaplain Barry Black prayed this morning opening up the day on the Senate floor. “Eternal God, let your peace that passes understanding be felt on Capitol Hill.”

The Senate chaplain alludes regularly to the heated politics of the moment in Congress in his daily prayer on the Senate floor, but rarely mentions specifics, nor by name as such when he named the supercommittee directly this morning.

During the height of the debt ceiling debate this summer Chaplain Black hinted that he was calling on a higher power to help guide the debt debates toward conclusion, but was not as specific in mentioning the fierce talks out right.

“As we begin this week we are aware that Americans are watching on television the daily business of this chamber,” Senate Chaplin Barry Black said on the Senate floor in July during the debt debate, “Grant our senators wisdom to solve the complex issues of our time. Lord, inspire them to see the wisdom of cooperation. Strengthen their minds and bodies to endure long hours of labor and to build alliances across the aisle that will lead us and our nation to a better tomorrow.”

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