Dear Mitt, You’re Welcome. Love, Ron Paul

This morning I wrote that Mitt Romney didn't have a lot of good options in front of him when it comes to figuring out how to handle a surging Newt Gingrich campaign.

Starting tomorrow morning, however, Romney is going to get some help in "defining" Gingrich from Ron Paul.  As we know from our poll and others taken last week, Paul is in a close 2 nd/3 rd place in Iowa. He also has money and grassroots organization (remember how close he came to winning the straw poll in Ames this August?)

In an ad set to begin running tomorrow morning on Fox in Iowa, Paul takes some serious punches at the former House Speaker - highlighting Gingrich's lucrative contract with Freddie Mac and his support for the individual mandate under the new health care law.

This is a well-produced spot that pokes at Gingrich's greatest soft spots in a GOP primary. As our own poll just pointed out this morning, GOP caucus-goers have very negative feelings the individual mandate.

The Paul campaign says the ad will run for five days.

See the ad here.

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