Dickens and Coffee Cake, But No Primary State Under the Tree

LANCASTER, N.H. - Speaking candidly about his Christmas wishes, Mitt Romney said today that he doesn't expect a primary state to be given to him for Christmas.

Asked by ABC News' John Berman whether his Christmas wish is to have "Iowa wrapped up in a little bow," Romney said he knows that even Saint Nick can't make those kinds of gifts appear.

"No, I'm not expecting Santa to deliver me a state through the chimney," said Romney, laughing.

Speaking to ABC News aboard his new campaign bus as it traveled on its second day of a three-day "Earn It" tour of New Hampshire, Romney shared some of his family's Christmas traditions.

"We have Ann's Welsh cakes that she cooks for us," he said. "And on Christmas morning we always start off with her big coffee cake, apricot coffee cake, which is delicious."

Romney said that one Christmas Eve tradition includes reading Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" to all his kids and grandkids. This year, however, because it is an odd-numbered year, Romney's sons follow the routine of going to their in-laws' homes, so Romney and Ann Romney will have a smaller celebration this year, joining with son Tagg's family because they all live in the Boston area.

As for presents, Romney said all he wants for Christmas is "to be with Ann and the family."

Asked what he got his wife for Christmas, Romney wouldn't say, as Ann sat just a few seats away.

"That's a secret," he said. " She's in the room!"

"I guarantee, she'll love it," Romney promised.

But moments later, after getting off the bus in Lancaster, Romney bought Ann - with her approval - an early Christmas present at Simon the Tanner, an outdoor clothing store.

Ann chose a white North Face jacket (price tag $285) while her husband happily declared that he'd finally finished his Christmas shopping.

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