Gingrich and Bachmann Make Gallup's Most-Admired List

Newt Gingrich might be lacking in recent presidential nomination poll numbers, but when it comes to admiration by his fellow Americans, he was the only male Republican candidate to make Gallup's list of most-admired men this year.

Gingrich came in sixth place, tying with the likes of Bill Gates and Pope Benedict XVI. The top male spot went to President Obama for the fourth year in a row, while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the top spot for the most-admired women for a record 16 times in a row.

Republican candidate Michele Bachmann rounded out the 10th spot, while Sarah Palin, not even a candidate for president, came in fourth place this year, but dropped from second place. The poll was conducted by USA Today and Gallup, with respondents asked by phone interview to name the living person they most admired in any part of the world.

The poll has been conducted since 1946. This is Bachmann's first appearance on the most-admired woman list, while Gingrich made one other appearance in 1995. Another person making a return to the list from a long absence is Donald Trump, who flirted with running for president this year and provoked Obama to release his birth certificate after public taunting.

Trump met with many of the Republican presidential candidates this election season, but had to cancel a December debate in which only Gingrich and Rick Santorum signed up to participate.

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