PM Note: Gingrich Pledges He’ll Win Nomination, Cain’s Moment of Truth and A Mini National Tree

Newt Gingrich to Jake Tapper - “I’m going to be the nominee”:

On Republicans attacking him: “They are not going to be the nominee. I don’t have to go around and point out the inconsistencies of people who are not going to be the nominee. They are not going to be the nominee.”

And get Gingrich’s latest thinking on Herman Cain, who he once said would be a VP contender.

Its snowing in Des Moines, BTW.

Its A National Christmas Tree, Charlie Brown - While the White House is eager to cut federal costs, this year’s puny tree was not a recession-friendly effort by the Obama administration, according to ABC’s Mary Bruce. The 40-foot-tall Colorado blue spruce that had served as the national tree for 32 years was snapped in half by strong winds in February. The new, 26-foot-tall tree from New Jersey will make its grand debut as the National Christmas Tree tonight.

Payroll Tax Cut at the Holidays - Some star-crossed votes are expected in the senate tonight. Reports Sunlen Miller: Democrats argue that the Republican plan will not provide additional tax cuts for working families, unlike their own plan which expands the current payroll tax cut while also extending it for next year. But Republicans today argued that their proposal, as introduced last night by Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., would help the middle class more by not taking money away from job creators like small businesses ,who would be burdened by the tax on millionaires that is included in the Democratic proroposal.

Obama on Aids Day: ‘Win This Fight’ - Marking the 23rd anniversary of World AIDS Day, President Obama today announced a deepened U.S. commitment to fighting the pandemic, declaring “make no mistake, we are going to win this fight.”

Camp Victory – By the time you wake up tomorrow, U.S. troops will have handed Camp Victory back to the Iraqis.

Double Fence – Also, Gingrich, who supports a new path to bureaucracy to judge illegal immigrants,  signed the double fence pledge:

The Huntsman Anti-Romney Oeuvre  - GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman may not be at the top of the polls, but his campaign has trained  its sights on attacking the man who is. Amy Bingham reports: Huntsman has now released four web videos blasting Republican rival Mitt Romney for flip-flopping on everything from illegal immigration amnesty to abortion. The latest installment, released today, pulls from Romney’s Tuesday interview with Fox News’ Brett Baier in which Romney gets testy when Baier lists issues he is accused of flipping on.

Cainwatch – Cain says his wife didn’t know about Ginger White or that he gave her money until the story broke –  Delayed Union Leader Editorial Board airs on CSPAN tonight -

Cain Camp Wants Ginger White’s Phone Records -

Senate Secret Santa -

Air Force Ones - Maybe senator will get another senator a pair of the Under Armor presidential sneakers Obama uses to for basketball.

Ad Watch – Perry Makes Fun of Himself:

Perry on Obama and Carter - Arlette Saenz reports: A new 30-second television ad, called “Energy Jobs,” cites calls by President Obama and President Jimmy Carter to end the country’s dependence on oil from foreign countries. He doesn’t mention the Republican presidents between the two who said similar things.

House Would Axe Public Funding of Elections -

Cameras in the Courtrooms? Don’t Bet on It -

Bachmann Spams Group - Russell Goldman reports: Without permission Michele Bachmann’s campaign gained access to the email database of a group of parents who homeschool their children in Iowa, an influential constituency, and sent them two unsolicited email blasts, according to the group’s president.

Trump Primary, Gingrich Edition - Tomorrow in NYC, according to Jennifer Wlach:

Grover Norquist, ‘Random Person’ About Town - Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist, whom House Speaker John Boehner called “some random person” last month, addressed a group of House Republicans this morning to coach the GOP on its tax message at a private breakfast on Capitol Hill.

Boeing and NLRB Reach Deal - After months of labor law wrangling and political posturing, airline manufacturer Boeing and the Machinists Union have reached a tentative deal to extend the Washington State-based airplane production workers’ contracts for four years. If the deal is ratified by its  members next week, the union said it would drop the unfair labor practice suit against Boeing that is currently pending before the National Labor Relations Board. Every GOP presidential candidate has chastised the lawsuit. Mitt Romney called it a “power grab.” Herman Cain said it was “completely unacceptable … political games.” And Newt Gingrich accused the labor board of “basically breaking the law.”

Obama and the Bishops - The Obama administration is under fire for rejecting the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ request for a grant to help victims of sex trafficking, because it doesn’t provide full gynecological services such as family planning, contraception and abortion. HHS higher-ups dismissed a recommendation from its reviewers that the USCCB be awarded the $2.5 million it requested, because the Catholic Bishops weren’t willing to provide some family planning services to trafficking victims.

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