Rick Perry Defends Mitt Romney's Political Pedigree

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Texas Governor Rick Perry, the son of a former Haskell County Commissioner, told over 200 caucus goers Thursday he has no problem with the political pedigree of Mitt Romney, whose father, George, served as governor of Michigan and once ran for president himself.

"I don't have a problem with someone whose father was in the political arena as well. I think there's great honor. I think we need to always hold them accountable," Perry said in response to a question about "legacy candidates" and the "Romney dynasty."

Perry noted to the crowd at the Blue Strawberry Coffee Company here that he too was the son of a politician.

"I'm a politician's son. My daddy was a county commissioner," Perry said to laughs from the crowd.

Despite defending his rival who currently leads in the polls while Perry sits at fifth place in Iowa, the Texas governor took the opportunity to differentiate himself from Romney.

"I bring a lot of things different. I am a consistent conservative. I have always been pro-life, I have always been pro-traditional marriage. I have always been a fiscal conservative. I have never been for global warming," Perry said as the crowd laughed and cheered. "Yeah, me and Mitt are different."

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