Rick Perry’s Wife Touts Their Values in New Iowa TV Ad

MUSCATINE, Iowa - Gov. Rick Perry's campaign is out with a new television ad in Iowa featuring his wife Anita Perry as she tells the story of their relationship, small-town upbringing and Christian values.

"It's an old fashioned American story. I married my high school sweetheart, but first I had to wait as he volunteered for the Air Force and flew planes all over the world," Anita Perry says of her husband, looking directly at the camera while wearing a royal blue turtleneck with a white scarf draped around her neck.

"I'm Anita Perry. When Rick's tour of duty as captain in the Air Force ended, he returned home to farm with his dad and asked me to marry him. We grew up in small towns, raised with Christian values, values we still believe in, and we know Washington, D.C. could use some of that."

Titled "American Story," the 30-second ad is the first highlighting the first lady of Texas, but it is similar to some of his other ads that stress his commitment to maintaining his Christian values.

As the advertisement ends, Ricky Perry quickly pops into the frame with his wife as she looks at him and he sweetly says, "I'm Rick Perry, and I really approve this message."

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