A Romney Family Caucus Night Means Chocolate Milkshakes

Chris Carlson/AP Photo

DES MOINES, Iowa  - Mitt Romney's son Josh today revealed the special election night tradition preferred by the Romney family: chocolate milkshakes.

"We'll go sit as a family and talk probably about anything but politics and just spend some time in the hotel, maybe get some chocolate shakes. It's usually a tradition," said Josh Romney as he described his family's caucus day plans.

As for his father's state of mind, Josh Romney downplayed how nervous his dad might be going into tonight's vote, saying that he believes his father is "feeling pretty good."

Mitt Romney and Ron Paul lead the latest polls in the Iowa race.

"I'm sure he has a little bit [of the jitters]," he said. "But we've been through this once before and I think we're looking forward to tonight."

In the last moments before the vote, Josh and three of his brothers will speak at various precincts on behalf of their father during a two-minute period allotted for representatives of the various candidates in a last-moment appeal.

When one reporter asked if Josh  and his brothers - who are seen frequently on the campaign trail - will come to New Hampshire with Romney Wednesday morning to campaign there before the primary the following week, Josh couldn't help but crack a joke.

"If he loses, I'm gone," he said, laughing, before quickly adding that he'll be accompanying his dad to as many campaign events as possible.

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