Bachmann's OTUS Stock Plunge

Take a look at the plunge Michele Bachmann's campaign took on the OTUS stock exchange before she dropped out and even before the Iowa caucuses.

When we unveiled the stock ticker back in December, Bachmann had a value of 36.79. By the time she was de-listed today, Bachmann had a value of a little more than 15.

Barack Obama currently has a value over 70 and Mitt Romney is at 67.

The values are ever-changing when the market is open - 7am - 7p.m. ET and relies both on information from the social sentiment and the assessment of our political experts.

Its another way to characterize the candidates and how they're doing. Perry is the only other candidate to dip into the 20s. Santorum has surged from the 30s to 44.

More on the market - see the ticker any time at

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