Candidate Hides the 'Home' in Home Economics Degree

                                                                                              Image Credit: Jeff Roberson/AP

There is no doubt that Dave Spence, who is a Republican candidate for governor in Missouri, has an economics degree, but he neglected to mention it covered the most micro of economies: the home.

The multimillionaire businessman-turned-aspiring-politician left off the "home" part of his degree and touted himself as an economics graduate from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He even purportedly attended the school's business college, which does not include home economics majors, according to the Associated Press.

"Staff put this together, so it was a staff mistake," Jared Craighead, Spence's campaign manager, told ABC News. "It was never an attempt to be less than completely transparent."

Spence, 53, acknowledged the misstatement earlier this week after the St. Louis Post Dispatch brought it to his attention, but he did not change the biography on his website until Thursday.

It now reads: "After high school, Dave attended the University of Missouri-Columbia where he majored in family economics and management (also known as consumer economics) and earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Home Economics."

"I was not the greatest student in the world," Spence told the newspaper. "I'll make fun of myself: I was a 60-watt bulb in a 100-watt society."

But it seems Spence didn't need that business economics degree after all. Four years after graduating, Spence purchased Alpha Packaging, then a small plastics company with $350,000 in annual sales. Twenty-five years later, Spence sold the company for a reported $260 million.

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