Colbert's on This Week, 'Pastor in Chief', DeMint's Empathy Test, Obama's Amazing Technicolor Commerce Department (PM Note)

Gingrich Up on OTUS - The big mover on the OTUS News Political Stock Market this week? Net Gingrich. He was at 34 last Friday. He's over 44 in late trading today. He is Romney's strongest challenger in South Carolina. What's unclear is if he's the conservative the anti-Romney set will finally choose. More at

Random Dance -

Newsflash - Stephen Colbert is not going to be president.  He's not even going to be on the ballot in South Carolina.

But he is going to be on This Week.

Colbert's joke campaign did more to shine the light of the media on SuperPACs than did the Iowa shucking of Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign.

George Stephanopoulos, after doing shots with Colbert on Comedy Central earlier this week, will ask serious questions of the quixotic candidate Sunday. Watch it.

DVR Note - Change your DVR to record This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Many of us were confounded last week.

Franklin Graham on Newt, Mitt - Tells ABC's David Muir 'We're Not Voting for a 'Pastor in Chief' -

AFP and Solyndra - The Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity is going up with a $6 million buy to tie (with some questionable facts) President Obama to Solyndra and layoffs heading into the State of the Union later this month. Jake Tapper got a first look:

SuperPACs are outspending candidates 2 to 1 in South Carolina, per Michael Falcone:

There are 21 SuperPACs involved in the 2012 campaign. They've raised anywhere from zero to millions of dollars. Notes Matt Negrin - "the rules themselves appear to be created in a way that's ripe for parody."

McCain - SuperPAC's 'Destroy' Political Process - John McCain has endorsed Romney - who has benefitted more than anyone else this cycle from a friendly SuperPAC. But McCain told ABC's David Muir in News Hampshire that  SuperPACs will Destroy the Political Process -

Tough Nuts, Rick and Newt - VA judge keeps Perry and Gingrich off ballot in Gingrich's state of residence, per Ariane de Vogue -

Empathy Test - Jim DeMint told ABC's Aaron Katersky that Mitt Romney Should Be More Empathetic about layoffs caused by Bain -

The Week in Kapow! - Our look at who is zinging who from South Carolina to Alaska (Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Newt Gingrich's SuperPac are the most zinged)

Colbert's SuperPAC is going on the air South Carolina - More from Falcone:

Streamlined: No More Dept. of Commerce? - Obama Said Today he wants to streamline the trade-focused components of the federal government. Including the Department of Commerce. That'll leave Rick Perry with one fewer of his three agencies to remember.

Perry, BTW, Had Some More Problems With His 3 Agencies -

Perry Funny - But he made a funny when he jokingly called on a mannequin at a Q and A at a place called the Squat n Gobble in South Carolina.

Michelle Obama Makes Cameo in 'iCarly' -

Candidate Hides the 'Home' in Home Economics Degree -

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