Huntsman Wants Your Vote, 'What More Can I Say?'

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HAMPTON, N.H. - Jon Huntsman started his day early at a brief town hall here with the local Rotary Club. About 50 people were in attendance to hear the former governor and ambassador make one of his final pitches for votes counting down to Tuesday's primary.

"This is the New Hampshire primary, ladies and gentlemen," he said. "What more can I say?!"

Huntsman reminded audience members about their responsibility to vote, saying they were the window through which other Americans can analyze and study the candidates running for president.

"I just have a simple request," Huntsman said. Leaning in closely to the microphone, in a deliberate tone, he continued, "I want your vote."

Huntsman spoke about wanting to address two deficits: the nation's economic deficit and the nation's trust deficit.

At his campaign headquarters in Manchester Wednesday night, Huntsman stopped by to thank volunteers and encourage them to keep working. Huntsman acknowledged that there was little time left to get his message out to the voters of New Hampshire but was confident it could be done.

After forgoing the Iowa caucuses, and investing all his time, money and energy into New Hampshire, Huntsman has tried to downplay the results of the caucuses. Polling third place in most recent state polls, Huntsman has to combat the momentum that candidates such as Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum have coming in to the New Hampshire.

"The one thing I'm taking away from Iowa is how wonderfully ambiguous the race is at this point," Huntsman told reporters this morning. "When you have 75 percent of the voters in Iowa basically rejected the establishment's choice, Mitt Romney. This is completely wide open. I mean there's a lot of blue sky and opportunity for every other candidate."

Asked how he would try to win over voters in these final days, Huntsman emphatically said, "Message, message, message." And Huntsman said he believes that he his doing that successfully.

"This is a small enough state where once the buzz factor begins and when people start focusing in on who you are and what your message is, they start rallying around and coalescing," he said. "And we've gone from zero to about last place to third place and I feel that there is good energy out there and I'm really excited to see what the days ahead will hold."

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