Mitt Romney and Ron Paul Post Big Gains From 2008 N.H. Performance

Final voting totals put more perspective on the victories Mitt Romney and Ron Paul scored for their respective campaigns in Tuesday's New Hampshire primary and the gains both men made since running four years ago. Romney won the Granite state with 39 percent of the vote- a 14 percent margin of victory over Paul's 23 percent.

Romney, who placed second in New Hampshire in 2008 with 31.6 percent of the vote, saw big gains in the total number of votes received this year. In 2008 he took 75,675 votes. This year he increased that number by more than 20,000- with a total 97,295 votes, according to the results listed on the New Hampshire Secretary of State's webpage

Ron Paul may have placed second, but he too had a great night in New Hampshire.  In 2008 the Texas congressman finished in fifth place in the Granite state, behind John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and Rudy Giuliani. He took roughly 7.7 percent of the vote- 18,346 votes total. Last night he increased that number by more than 30,000- fetching 56,485 votes.

Of course, the victory parties were short-lived. On Wednesday it was full steam ahead to South Carolina- the state where every GOP victor since 1980 has gone on to win their parties nomination for President.

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