President Obama, First Lady and VP Biden to Net $5.3M in One-Day Haul

William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

President Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are all stumping for cash at fundraisers today - expected to raise at least $5.3 million combined for Democrats and the president for the 2012 campaign.

Obama will mingle with 50 supporters at the St. Regis Hotel in Washington tonight, where tickets start at $35,800 per person, a campaign official told ABC News.  Then he'll attend a fundraising dinner at a private residence in Chevy Chase, Md., with 70 guests. Tickets are $35,800 per couple for the exclusive event as well.

Meanwhile, both Michelle Obama and Biden have been outside Washington, delivering their re-election pitches on the road.

The first lady will spend the evening fundraising at a private residence in Beverly Hills, Calif., with 135 supporters each contributing $5,000 or more to the Obama Victory Fund. (She is also taping an episode of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" that will air tonight.)

Biden traveled to Texas to collect checks, first stopping at the Historic Hilton in Fort Worth, where 200-plus guests paid $5,000 each to see him speak. He later hosted an event at the Billy Hall Bend Ranch in Dekalb with 20 supporters. Tickets there began at $35,800 per person.

All money raised benefits the Obama Victory Fund, a joint account that funnels cash to both Obama for America and the Democratic National Committee.

The events come the same day Obama reported to the Federal Election Commission raising $39.9 million in the 4 th quarter of last year, with $81.7 million of cash on hand for the months ahead.

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