Romney Nabs (a) Buchanan Endorsement

Mitt Romney has picked up Buchanan's endorsement:  Bay Buchanan.

The Republican television commentator, who was treasurer in Ronald Reagan's 1976 and 1980 campaigns, as well as campaign manager in her brother Pat's three attempts for the White House, threw her support behind Romney this morning.   "If Americans want a real conservative in the White House, they need to look no farther than Mitt Romney," said Bay Buchanan in a statement provided to ABC News.

Buchanan is a name that means something in New Hampshire.  Pat Buchanan won the 1996 GOP primary here.  And it might be that it is with the blue-collar Buchanan voters where Rick Santorum will find his greatest appeal.  The timing of this announcement-just as Santorum is trying to make inroads in the Granite State-seems designed to thwart Santorum's outreach, or at least needle it a little bit.

Bay Buchanan also backed Romney in 2008.

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