Romney Warns of an Obama, Gingrich Run-In at Fantasyland

CHARLESTON, S.C. - Mitt Romney turned the location of President Obama's jobs speech today into a punch line on the campaign trail, telling volunteers at a rally that it's "obviously appropriate" that he will be speaking at "Fantasyland" because he has been "living in a sort of fantasy land these last few years."

"Where is he?" said Romney of Obama. "He is at Disney World. Guess where he's gonna be giving a speech? Fantasyland."

"Yeah, yeah," said Romney, as the crowd gathered outside his campaign headquarters in Charleston clapped. "He is giving a speech in Fantasyland. All right now, think about that. He will be talking about what a great job he is doing on the economy. Has he not been out here? Has he not seen 9.9 percent unemployment in South Carolina?"

The president was  in Florida today to deliver a jobs speech, but was on Disney World's Main Street, and not in Fantasyland, according to ABC's Jake Tapper. However, Cinderella's castle was the backdrop for Obama's speech.

"Does anyone think that his fighting Boeing from building a new factory added jobs?" Romney continued. "Does anyone think that stopping the pipeline from Canada that brings energy to America that is gonna do anything but kill jobs. This president on every front has made it harder for the American people to go to work. He lives in fantasyland. It's time to send him there permanently, back to Disney World."

Romney then seemed to warn the crowd that the president might actually run into former House speaker Newt Gingrich in Florida.

"[Obama] may bump into Speaker Gingrich down there in Fantasyland," said Romney. "I only say that because the speaker was talking about all the jobs that he'd helped create in the Reagan years. He had been in Congress two years when Reagan came to office. The idea that he was the author of Reaganomics, not real likely.

"The idea that people in Washington think that somehow they are responsible after they have been there for two years for creating millions of jobs - it is the kind of fantasy that happens," Romney said.

As Romney thanked  the volunteers for helping his campaign in South Carolina, a man briefly interrupted him,asking if he would release his tax returns, an issue that has been pressing Romney for days now despite his promise to release them in April.

"Yeah I will actually," Romney said, pausing his speech to answer the man. "You will hear more about that. April."

"And so I am very happy," said Romney, picking up again with his remarks, before stopping again to add, "When we all get our taxes done."

Romney also made a few calls to voters from inside his campaign office, leaving three voicemail messages and reaching two voters who were home and answered their phones.

"Hi Jim, Mitt Romney, it really is me!" he said to one caller, before fearing that the connection had dropped. "Jim, you there?"

He was, and like the other callers Romney spoke to, promised to vote for him in Saturday's primary.

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